Digicert Secure Site Pro EV

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Digicert Secure Site Pro EV

DigiCert Secure site pro EV is the industry’s most trusted and widely respected provider of high-assurance certificates, trusted by the world’s top companies to secure billions of transactions, worth billions of dollars, every day. For good reason. Since their founding almost two decades ago, DigiCert has been committed to doing what’s right for the internet, putting people ahead of technology, and constantly searching for a better way to solve tomorrow’s most challenging problems. From innovative tools to make the certificate process faster and easier to manage, to security solutions for the post-quantum computing age.


DigiCert Secure Site Pro is the premium standard in TLS solutions for businesses who take securing their data and digital identity seriously, with superior security features available first to Secure Site Pro customers, simplified management and enhanced performance from the world’s leader in digital certificate solutions. Your brand’s reputation is irreplaceable.

Can you trust your online identity to anyone but the world’s leading Certificate Authority?

Features & Benefits

  • All products support multiple domains
  • Unlimited server licensing
  • Compatible with most browsers and operating systems
  • Protects your website or email traffic with RSA 2048+ encryption
  • ECC 256+ keys and SHA2-256 signature algorithm
  • Priority support and access to KnowledgeBase & DigiCert Docs
  • First access to future premium features
  • Post-quantum cryptography test kit
  • Certificate Transparency (CT) log monitoring
  • URL/domain blacklist scan
  • $2 million Netsure protection warranty for your business
  • All products and features available through the API
  • Meets PCI compliance requirements for secure credit card transactions
  • Unlimited free reissues for the life of the certificate
  • DigiCert Secured seal
  • Norton Secured seal EOL 16 October 2020
  • For more information please view the product information in DigiCert® CertCentral




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Digicert Secure Site Pro EV

$ 1'100.00